Publicly published articles

  • Coachulting – promote internal strength (published in ALPHA-Kadermarkt 22./23. March 2003) The management unexpectedly orders a cost-cutting program for a current project. The budget for external support is drastically cut. «Coachulting» can be of help in situations like these. (Coachulting - ALPHA Artikel - 100kb in German).
  • The Challenge of Company Mergers (published in UPGRADE 29. June 2002) Managers may need external support for solution finding. The coach shows the miraculous solution situation, which is illuminated from all sides. (Download Article - 151kb in German)
  • Cato® - Computer aided Therapy for Oncology (published in GSASA NEWS 28. February 2004) Special work requirements in a pharmacy to achieve high patient and employee security is solved with a software solution from Hanke & Hörner GmbH in Vienna, already in widespread use throughoutSwitzerland and fulfilling the high quality standards of GMP (good manufacturing practice) (Download article - 494kb in German)

Books with our own contribution

  • buchgrafik.jpgSolution-Focused Management (Englisch) - 2006. Here is a contribution of Robert Bühler about Coachulting among other very interresting contributions in the field of Managment with the solution focused apporach. - Details - Orderform.

White Paper: Coachulting

  • Solution-Focused Management White Paper:Coachulting- To setup and implement complex, strategic initiatives. Coachulting is a very powerful approach to accomplish important, strategic and complex ventures, more assuredly, within a shorter time frame, at lower cost and higher quality (White Paper: Coachulting - 364kb in German).