The sort of Change Projects being implemented in the current business world are increasingly affecting several departments and even companies at once. The economy is therefore increasingly requiring employees who not only have traditional technical and process management skills, but who are also possessed of highly developed inter-personal, team membership and methodological skills. Developing these newer areas of competence and teaching and imparting them in training centres or in-company is one of the core services offered by Bühler Expert Advisors.

Education in Coachulting

Developing changes in a way that they are successful within a team requires a basic knowledge, practical work and theories about solution oriented working. All say that they are working solution oriented, but it rarely delivers the expected results.

  • How can I really avoid the problem-solution trap?
  • How can I find superb solution much faster with a consequent solution orientation?
  • How can I apply simple tools to successfully implement complex changes in a far reaching environment?

Buehler Expert Advisers has analysed such questions and developed a comprehensive education concept or respective workshop modules which we offer to apply in your concrete case or projects or in-house workshops.

Education in Service- Management

Buehler Expert Advisors offers  company internal courses such as:

  • Management: What are the benefits of ITIL, what are the critical elements during the implementation?
  • Service- Management: ITIL Foundation, that all use the same terminology
  • Individual, tailored trainings