IT to business alignment today is a major challenge for large and medium-sized companies. With IT service management, the necessary transparency and processes are established. On the business side, ITIL processes of the supplier (internal and external) have to be aligned and continuously improved. Service orientation in the IT initiates a rethinking away from traditional, function oriented to process oriented organization. This entails comprehensive change and cultural adjustments within the company. A technique such as Coachulting® can greatly facilitate such a transformation.

Bühler Expert Advisors offers the following services in the area of IT Service Management:

  • Implementation courses for enterprises
  • GAP Analysis for IT Service Management
  • Support during the implementation and operation
  • Coaching, consulting, training concepts

IT Service Market

IT service customers, the users (business units) make use of the services of IT suppliers, who themselves often depend on products and services from other suppliers. This complex web of relationships requires skilful handling if the the strategic, tactical and operational challenges are going to be met.


The IT Service portfolio can be split into two main areas:
A) IT Infrastructure Services: Network, Desktop, Host, Server Services
B) IT Business Services: Application, CRM, ERP, Business Consulting Services.

A) and B) represent two very different spheres of activity and the personnel active in these spheres who need to be brought together by the Service Manager.
The implementation of Business Services, B) leads to an IT-Business alignment. The transparency gained through this alignment makes it possible to identify precisely which IT functions need to be acquired, a good position from which to evaluate IT Services from competing suppliers.
Bühler Expert Advisors can support you throughout the whole IT Service Management cycle, from the defining of strategic aims through to operational implementation, work to which we bring knowledge of the various stakeholders, comprehensive market overview and years of experience in this business.