Robert Buehler


Dipl. Business Informatics, University of Applied Siences, PMP
Born, 23.11.1958
Family: Married, father of 4 children
Resume: please request if required


Core Competences:

  • Many years of experience in project management (including large and international projects), PMP (Project Management Professional, see
  • Competency oriented realization of change in companies and projects, supported by most recent tools (Licenced Trainer, Analyst and Consultant for KODE® / KODE®X, see
  • Solutions-oriented short-term coaching for managers(apprenticed as a Coach at the University of Applied. Sience beider Basel, FHBB, in single- and Team-Coaching (re-Teaming))
  • Broad and up-to-date know-how in ICT (Information & Communication Technology), Marketing and Economy
  • Pioneer in e-Business with in- depth understanding of the new media. Knowledge of the possibilities with a large e-Business-Experience in BtoB (Business), BtoC (Consumer) and BtoE (Employee)
  • Longstanding experience in Management in middle and upper management positions
  • Serveral yerars of Marketing - and Sales experience (IT, Telecom and other branches)
  • Multi-sector experience(Manufacture, Trade, IT, Telecom, Travel, Bank, Insurance, Government and Health)
  • Extensive and competent Network gained from former positions and current job

Expertise profile

Subject expertise: e-Business, CEO, generalist in ICT and Business Economics
Professional experitse: Coaching, Coachulting, Project management, Change management
Inter-personal Expertise: contactmanagement, Conflictmanagement, flexibility in roles
Personal Qualities: quietness, reliability, Innovative ability
Decision-making and responsibility: To draft out the vison and strategies down to consequent implementation of reliable solutions. Continous adoption with complex project- and business cases while keeping the general few. Methodical approach and pragmatical approach in the delivery of my mandates.

Strengths profile

According to the Gallup ‘Strength Finder’ test:

  • Strategy: I employ innovative future-oriented means and approaches to the reaching of the targets more efficiently (in shorter time and with optimal use of resources), with targets ranging from a company’s global strategic plan down to a personal talk with an individual about any life situation.
  • Activator: I must be a fast realizor, because time and again I hear things like: „I am astonished, how faryou have already got in realizing your idea “.
  • Responsibility: Boredom or under-employment seem non-existent in my life and if I do something then I do it properly ornot at all.
  • Belief: There is a certain logic to the fact that I turned to Christ some twenty years ago now, because spiritual values and moral integrity are central concerns of mine, , a fact that is of advantage for my customers in all my day-to-day consulting work.
  • Relator: To have a circle of close friends represents a preciousresource for one’s quality oflife and to get to know each other at an ever deeper level a delight and enrichment.