Hanspeter Angliker


Born 09.09.1948
Family: married, 2 Children

Core competencies

  • Years experience in implementing and maintaining IT Service Management for both supplier and customer..
  • Practical experience in leading and supporting complex projects
  • Assisting management and teams cope with change
  • Years of experience in middle and upper management
  • IT Experience in Aviation and Tourism
  • Years of experience in Teaching subjects such as: Project Management, IT Service Management, IT Strategy and Telecommunication

My various engagements in different leading positions at IT providers and the business side have furnished me with a broad base of subject, professional and and interpersonal expertise which I have developed and refined over many years. The experience gained is now being are combined with and put at the disposal of coaching and solution-oriented consulting.

Competence profile

  • Subject expertise: IT Infrastructure Management, ICT Generalist Professional expertise: Project Management, Process Management, Change Management
  • Inter-personal expertise: Relationship Management, Conflict Management, flexibility in roles.
  • Personal Qualities: gentleness, reliability, readiness to take on high workload; decision-making and responsibility; developing visions and Strategies; optimizing and implementing solutions in close cooperation with management and project teams; rapid familiarization with complex project and operation environments; methodical and pragmatic approach.

Strengths profile

According to the Gallup ‘Strength Finder’ test:

  • Maximizer: The average is never my yardstick; I aim for excellence in everything I undertake
  • Arranger: In complex situations I am able to constantly adapt the variables to reach an optimal solution
  • Strategic: Based on my strategic senses I can define clearly the direction to be taken and come up with alternative and innovative solutions for complex situations
  • Significance: My pursuit of excellence is important in helping me to feel a significant and respected person.
  • Individualization:The fact that every person has individual needs is central to how I think and operate.